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Quality Label
Fowles DIY wine bottle selection

Quality Wine

Quality Label

Fowles DIY wine bottle selection

Premium printed labels

Wine lovers agree – a delicious wine becomes even more enticing when paired with a well designed & professionally printed wine label. Thanks to our in-house printing capability, your custom designed wine label is just a click away!

An in-house printing solution

Fowles trades under many different labels in many different regions of the world. We also have a varied customer base - whether that's wineries, restaurants, retailers or sales direct-to-consumer - each with differing demands. So you can quickly see that we need flexibility in our production, including labels. To pair our award-winning wines with the best label printing quality, we scoured the globe for printing technology that could meet our unique needs. And, so We have been printing our commercial grade labels in-house for years now. Like our customers, we are very happy with the results!

Professional finish and resolution

While these labels don’t have capacity for gold foiling, embossing or glossing, they are a commercial grade solution. Labels are printed in high resolution (1200 dpi) which makes for outstanding clarity, brightness & overall presentation. Although the labels don’t like ice buckets - they’re uncoated so we can print on them - they will definitely honour your design & celebration.

A one-of-a-kind product

At Fowles, being adaptive thinkers and industry leaders is a huge part of our mission. Adapting our production process to extend this printing technology to the smaller runs required by Fowles DIY has been very exciting. We are not aware of any other winery, globally, offering this service - this is yet another first for Fowles!


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